Prepare Your Business for a Cyber-Attack

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October 13th, 2015

Learn to Recognize the Warning Signs and Prevent Cyber Crime Think your business is reasonably safe from a cyber-attack? Think again. The threat is so widespread that there is an entire black market built to arm hackers with the tools they need to breach your systems.   The good news is that there are a…» Read Full Article


Warming Up Your Car On a Cold Day: Myths vs. Facts

We’ve all heard it before, “Make sure you let you car warm up in cold weather.” But is there truth to that statement? Or is it just a convenience to hop into an already defrosted vehicle? Does letting your car idle prevent wear and tear on your engine, or simply waste gas?   Our partners…» Read Full Article


Real Life Example: Sump Pump Denial Reversed

As our Executive Claims Consultant, I frequently assist clients and insurance company partners with difficult and complex claims situations.   Recently, we encountered a situation on a homeowner’s claim involving a sump pump back-up. To set the stage, this particular client had purchased a separate endorsement on their policy for back-ups of sewers and drains….» Read Full Article


Defining Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

Hired and Non-Owned Liability coverage creates special concerns for businesses. The Hired Auto Liability coverage applies in a situation where a business owner or any other person with the business owner’s permission uses a “hired” auto in the course of business. A hired auto means any auto you lease, hire, borrow or rent.   Non-Owned…» Read Full Article


Community Action Agencies | Prepare Employees for Slip & Fall Exposures

As we reach the end of the year and the weather continues to get colder, Community Action Agencies face some renewed challenges. From weatherization activity to home health care visits, snow and ice will present employees with slip and fall exposures. Preparing employees for those exposures will reduce the likelihood of a workplace injury.  …» Read Full Article


Preventing Cold Weather Hazards

A cold weather plan for your facility should be an integral part of your overall maintenance plan for the building and equipment, as well as part of your emergency response/contingency plan that helps your business respond to and manage an emergency event. Hanover Insurance Group provides these helpful tips for preventing cold weather hazards.  …» Read Full Article


Work Comp Update: Carnac the Magnificent Goes to Madison

No one has ever accused me of being a clairvoyant. Heck, if I had the ability to predict the future, I never would have traveled out to Denver to watch the Packers get pushed around by the Broncos. But every so often, I accumulate enough information to make an educated guess on future events. That…» Read Full Article

Questions to Ask Your Bank Regarding Fraud

When it comes to our banking relationships many businesses and individuals are lulled into believing that their funds are totally secure. While all banks accounts are insured by the FDIC, many do not realize that the FDIC insurance only covers bank failures and does not apply in the case of theft by fraud.  Since fraud,…» Read Full Article

The Real Cost of Medical Identity Theft

Last night TMJ4 aired a story that hits home to residents of Wisconsin.  A Monroe woman was sentenced to using the identity of a Puerto Rican woman whose medical ID she bought on the black market for $1500.  She used this false identity to have a liver transplant and  incur over $200,000 worth of medical bills.  The…» Read Full Article

A Car Crash is the Leading Cause of Death for Teenagers

Real-World Case Study: The Risk of Teen Driving Provided by   Emily, a 17-year-old, decided to treat her best friend, Taylor, to a movie to celebrate finishing their finals. They were running late and didn’t want to miss the show, so Emily sped down the highway.   She lost control going around a notorious…» Read Full Article

The Financial Significance of Reviewing Your Cert Holders List Each Year

Throughout the course of the year, an insured can accumulate quite a few certificates of insurance that are distributed to various entities. Depending on your business, these certificates could be issued based on complex contracts that provide the holders with coverage from your policy.   When it is time for your policies to renew, it…» Read Full Article