lightning storm

Can Lighting Strike Twice? Brookfield, WI Resident Hopes it Can’t!

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April 17th, 2014

The emergence of Spring after a long Winter (which in our area feels more like an eternity of arctic-comparable misery) means many things: birds chirping, life’s renewal, flowers blooming, and the scary stuff… thunderstorms.  On one hand, thunderstorms bring heavy rainfall that washes away the snowy remnants of months past.  On the other hand, they…» Read Full Article


Buyer Beware: Review Your Enrollment from

By now, the deadline for registering for individual health insurance on has come and gone.  However the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) is warning consumers to verify the status of their health insurance. The OCI has received numerous reports of consumers enrolled in incorrect plans.  Much of the confusion is coming…» Read Full Article

March Madness in the Workplace

March Madness at Work: Three Point Play or Foul?

It’s Madness…we know. There’s a lot of talk about whether employers should let employees check their brackets while at work.  We did some hunting and found these great tips for business owners and HR managers to rally around the issue. It looks like the winning answer is YES! Here are some of the highlights of…» Read Full Article

4 Qualities School Administrators & Lab Science Teachers Should Find In A Safety & Liability Coverage Consultant

WI school administrators’ & teachers’ safety & liability concerns involve carrying the responsibility of ensuring students, faculty and community are covered – especially in high risk environments like laboratory science. Schools are faced with unique risks in regard to keeping their environments a safe place for students to learn and grow. Providing the best education…» Read Full Article


Wisconsin Science Teachers Keep Students Safe In The Lab With 5 Essential Actions

Safety and chemical storage deficiencies are widespread in American schools. In the wake of recent stories about students across the country becoming injured in laboratory incidents, Milwaukee teachers are taking steps to ensure safety regulations are exceeded, colleagues are kept informed and students are safe. Many regulations are put into place and resources, checklists and…» Read Full Article

Insuring Olympic Medals

Speed Skater Apolo Ohno Used To Keep His Medals in His Sock Drawer!

Insuring precious metal – like gold or silver - is one thing, but when it’s cast into a priceless Olympic medal, and won with the dedication of a supreme athlete – it’s a different story. Luckily, Olympian’s today are covered by a special policy for the Olympic athletes – in case their medals are lost or…» Read Full Article


Distracted Driving Causes 8,000 Accidents Every Single Day!

According to the AAA Foundation, distracted driving causes about 8,000 accidents every single day! And the CDC reports that more than 15 people are killed and 1,200 injured every day in those accidents. Corporate fleets are not immune from those numbers. You expect your employees to multi-task all the time, but never expect that while they are…» Read Full Article

How To Avoid Snow Blower Injuries | Snow Blower Safety Tips

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates there are 5,740 hospital emergency room injuries a year caused by snow blowers. The CPSC reports 19 deaths since 1992 from using snow blowers. Five deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning because someone left the engine running in an enclosed area. The American Society for Surgery of the…» Read Full Article

The Dangers of Science Lab Experiments | Safety in Chemistry Labs

In early January 2014, two New York high school students suffered severe burns from a plume of fire that shot across their high school chemistry lab during an experiment called “The Rainbow Experiment”. The dangers of highly explosive materials in high school science labs and this unfortunate recent event is a perfect segway to highlight the…» Read Full Article

Combustible Dust: An Explosion Hazard

Here are five examples of deadly incidents that were caused by dust, and ways businesses can eliminate the risk of a dust explosion happening in their facility. In February 1999, a deadly fire and explosion occurred in a foundry in Massachusetts killing 3 and injuring 9. A fire initiated in a shell molding machine from…» Read Full Article