Will My Homeowner’s Policy Cover My Jewelry?

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September 12th, 2014

Most homeowners policies limit coverage for personal valuables, and you could fall far short of replacement value if your item is lost or stolen. In order to avoid a gap in coverage, you need to add a low-cost insurance rider to protect jewelry and other valuables. A Basic Homeowners Insurance policy generally covers your possessions…» Read Full Article

NFL Superstar Boomer Esiason’s Story About Losing a Parent Without Life Insurance

Record setting NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason lost his mother when he was 7 years old. His mother died without life insurance. What a difference life insurance would have made for Boomer’s father and sisters. “We were very lucky we had neighbors who could help out and make sure I was being looked after while my…» Read Full Article

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The “Inception” of a Loss Starts the Clock Ticking

The One Year Statute of Limitations for 1st Party Property Claims This statute sets the time limit for an insured to file a lawsuit against their property insurer when there is a dispute between them. The cases below reinforce the importance of reporting all property claims in a timely manner and that if a dispute…» Read Full Article

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$38 Billion Annual Wasteful Spending in the ER

In an article by SFM (full article), the New England Healthcare Institute reports the national overuse of hospital emergency rooms results in $38 billion in annual wasteful spending.  And that an estimated 56% of ER visits could be avoided!  Not only is it costing the individual more money, but it is also costing the employer…» Read Full Article


Not-for-Profit Directors & Officers Liability: Why Do I Need It?

What is “Not-for-Profit Directors & Officers Liability” and why do I need it? The typical Not-for-Profit D&O policy will: Protect entity and its directors and officers from claims that arise from their decisions and actions Protect entity for non-bodily injury claims Cover the personal liability of directors and officers as individuals and reimburses the company…» Read Full Article

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Dog Coughs Up Lost Wedding Ring: What Happens to Recovered Property?

You may have seen the news story on June 30, 2014 about a Stevens Point woman who lost her wedding ring five or six years ago.  She searched everywhere, but could not find it.   Last week the woman’s granddaughter was eating a popsicle when the dog stole and ate it.  The dog coughed up…» Read Full Article


What Can They Sue Me For In Wisconsin? Damages Allowed in Bodily Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

One of the most stressful events you can face as a driver, a homeowner, or a business owner occurs when someone claims they were injured due to your negligent actions. This most often arises from traffic accidents, but it can also arise from slip and fall accidents, dog bites, construction accidents, or allegedly defective products….» Read Full Article

Business Interruption Coverage: Will You Sink or Swim?

Recent catastrophic events and natural disasters go beyond the initial devastation of a business; they bring new threats and lessons to be learned. Sept 11, 2001, the United States suffered a tragic terrorist attack that led to restrictions of air travel both nationally and internationally; the access of electronic services were impaired for weeks; merchant…» Read Full Article

Is Manure a “Pollutant” in Wisconsin?

Potentially impacting both your business and your personal insurance policies under liability and property coverages, there were 2 recent cases from different branches of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals that came to different conclusions on essentially the same set of facts.   Business impact: A farmer fertilized his field and that fertilizer contaminated a neighbor’s…» Read Full Article

Lawyer Denied Work Comp Benefits – Claims he was “Rainmaking” for the Firm

This is an unpublished case from District IV of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals filed on 5/22/14.   ISSUE:  Was the lawyer in the course and scope of his employment when he was on a trip to a motorcycle rally with a client?   ANSWER: Not in this case – work comp benefits denied.  …» Read Full Article