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Q&A: Local Government Property Insurance Fund

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March 16th, 2015

As your resource for the proposed budget decision regarding the LGPIF, below is a list of common Q&As provided by the LWMMI. Our knowledge brokers have been following the issue closely and understand the business, the coverage forms, and the insurance markets that would replace the LGPIF if needed.   What is the Local Government…» Read Full Article

Safe storage in the classroom

4 Questions You Need To Ask To Manage Classroom Storage And Reduce Work Comp Claims

As you consider the safety of your classrooms, storage will almost always be a hot button issue with teachers and staff members alike. From textbooks to art supplies, teachers are challenged with organizing their classroom assets and maintaining a functional learning environment, making the most of tight quarters. We encourage you to take a look…» Read Full Article

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What You Need to Know About PEOs

Efficiently running a business without outsourcing tasks can be a major challenge in the fast-paced world that we live in. As ProfessionalEmployer.net states, business operations such as accounting, tax filing, and human resources take up a huge amount of time and generate zero profit for the business, however, they are essential operations. This can be…» Read Full Article

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Insight on Prevailing Wage Laws in Wisconsin

A representative from WMC recently spoke to the Waukesha County Business Alliance Economic Development Committee to provide insight on the Prevailing Wage Laws in Wisconsin. Established by the Davis Bacon Act of 1931, prevailing wage laws were geared to stop outside contractors from undercutting local businesses. Wisconsin actually has three separate prevailing wage rate laws,…» Read Full Article

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Claims-Made-and-Reported Policy: No Late Notice Allowed

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently issued a decision in Anderson v. Aul, 2015 WI 19, which clarified whether Wisconsin Statutes, §631.81 (1) and §632.26 (2), protect an insured when they fail to report a claim during the policy period of a claims-made-and-reported policy.   Aul was an attorney being sued by his former clients for…» Read Full Article

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Phase II HIPAA Audits Occurring in 2015

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has proposed to ramp up their Phase II HIPAA audits at some point in 2015. Unlike the initial pilot Phase I audits, the second round will require compliance from the chosen health care account, as well as be expanded to include their “Business Associates.” Business Associates being subcontractors of…» Read Full Article


March Madness at Work: Three Point Play or Foul?

It’s Madness…we know. There’s a lot of talk about whether employers should let employees check their brackets while at work.  We did some hunting and found these great tips for business owners and HR managers to rally around the issue. It looks like the winning answer is YES! Set a Game Plan While an employer…» Read Full Article

OSHA: What to Do After You Make the Call

Late last year, we discussed the OSHA reporting changes for 2015. In addition to reporting, it’s also important to consider and plan for potential site visits when OSHA is contacted. The National Safety Council states that “reacting quickly to the incident with a prescribed procedure and actions can demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety. It…» Read Full Article

Driving South for Spring Break? Tips for Prepping Your Car

When going on a long road trip, your car will suffer some inevitable wear and tear. Before leaving, it’s important to prep your car by doing the following: Check your tires for air pressure, tread, and general wear down. Tires are the most common cause of vehicle failure. While you can’t do anything about getting…» Read Full Article

12 Tips to Prevent Injuries in the Classroom

Classrooms are full of inherent danger, from extension cords, to damaged tools and improper use of equipment, injuries can happen at any time. Focusing on injury prevention and preventative education, your school can reduce risk and insurance costs considerably. In fact, many injuries can be avoided by adopting practices that reduce the potential for injury….» Read Full Article

How To Protect Your School Against School Intruders

Providing a safe working and learning environment is one of many responsibilities schools are tasked with every day. Preventative measures and protocols are important components in a school safety plan and should be thoughtfully prepared and executed. While there are many things to consider to safely protect the school premises and those inside, effective security…» Read Full Article