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Q&A: Local Government Property Insurance Fund

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March 16th, 2015

As your resource for the proposed budget decision regarding the LGPIF, below is a list of common Q&As provided by the LWMMI. Our knowledge brokers have been following the issue closely and understand the business, the coverage forms, and the insurance markets that would replace the LGPIF if needed.   What is the Local Government…» Read Full Article


Top Ten Tips for International Travel with Students

Traveling overseas with students can be the experience of a lifetime, however, it can also lead to headaches when unexpected events occur. Kate Goggin, author and former Community Liaison Office Coordinator, recently wrote about the most important tips to keep in mind when planning an international trip for students. To learn more about the the…» Read Full Article


What Will it Cost to Sell the Family Business to Your Family?

Nationally known attorney Steve Parrish, recently released an article on Forbes.com describing the dangers of selling your family business back to your family – and what it could potentially cost you. Like any sale of a business, the devil is in the details. What looks like a straightforward sale to a child can create unforeseen…» Read Full Article


Understanding the Difference Between Experience Mod and DART Rate

Fully understanding your organization’s Work Comp Experience Mod and OSHA DART Rate will not only help you achieve your desired outcomes for employee safety, but will also give you a point of reference for benchmarking against others in your industry. In addition, knowing your DART rate will help you prepare for a potential site visit…» Read Full Article


Beware of Fraudulent Wire Transfer Instructions

It’s happening more often and to more businesses, regardless of the size or type of business.   An email is received instructing the transfer of money. It appears legitimate—from the CEO, CFO, or trusted vendor with instructions to initiate a wire transfer.  No red flags are raised. The money is wired but the email was…» Read Full Article

Business Owners - Punitive Damages

Are You Covered for Punitive Damages?

Are you aware of punitive damages? Do you know if they are excluded from your current insurance policy? Society Insurance recently released an article covering the basics of punitive damages and how not having the proper coverage can affect your business.   Society states that simply put, punitive damages are a monetary award given to…» Read Full Article


Understanding Premium Audits and How they Benefit Your Business

For many business owners, premium audit paperwork, auditors, or phone calls to complete an audit occur annually. For those business owners with employees, this is a guarantee. Every year, like clockwork, you will be required to report your employee payroll to your Workers Compensation insurer. And if the audit isn’t complied with, the carrier maintains…» Read Full Article

Tips for Controlling Risks for Property Owners

Cincinnati Insurance stated in a recent blog post that losses occurring on property you own can affect your livelihood and that of your tenants. They can also affect your insurance rates and eligibility. Without the proper controls in place, you could be saddled with the responsibility of owing for injury or damages that you did…» Read Full Article

Are You Covered? Test Your Personal Insurance Knowledge

Summer in Wisconsin calls for countless family celebrations, parties with friends, and neighborhood barbecues. Along with that comes the responsibility of what happens if an accident occurs at your home. To test your knowledge of your own insurance coverage, see if you can accurately answer the questions below.   Are the following incidents covered by…» Read Full Article

Driver vs Passenger: Where is Coverage During a Rideshare?

As more and more people take advantage of the rapidly increasing rideshare options like UberX, Lyft, and Sidecar, it’s important to know what coverage you have. Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you should always fully understand what your insurance policy covers and where you may be exposed.   In general, there are…» Read Full Article

Ridesharing: The Insurance Gap Where the Driver is Completely Alone

If you are considering becoming a rideshare driver, this provides great insight into when and why you have no coverage.   There is a void between the time one’s personal auto insurance policy stops providing any coverage and the time the commercial auto policy starts. If there is ever an incident that occurs during this…» Read Full Article