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Q&A: Local Government Property Insurance Fund

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March 16th, 2015

As your resource for the proposed budget decision regarding the LGPIF, below is a list of common Q&As provided by the LWMMI. Our knowledge brokers have been following the issue closely and understand the business, the coverage forms, and the insurance markets that would replace the LGPIF if needed.   What is the Local Government…» Read Full Article


ACA Impact: Prepare for Cost Shifting in the Worker’s Compensation System

Quite often, I’ll get questions from employers wondering what impact the ACA will have on worker’s compensation. A recent study by the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) helps shed some light on what employers can expect. It’s not encouraging news.   According to the recent WCRI study, hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims…» Read Full Article


Avoiding Collisions During Deer Season

As fall creeps in, the risk of a deer-vehicle accident greatly increases. Deer-vehicle collisions are actually three times more likely to occur on a day in November than they are on any day between February 1 and August 31.   Travelers recently provided these valuable driving tips to help you avoid hitting a large animal…» Read Full Article

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Update: OSHA Placing Emphasis on Healthcare Inspections

OSHA recently announced they will be expanding their enforcement resources in hospitals and nursing homes. Targeting the most common causes of workplace injury and illness in the healthcare industry, OSHA will primarily focus on musculoskeletal disorders related to: Patient handling Bloodborne pathogen Workplace violence Tuberculosis Slips, trips and falls   OSHA states that in 2013,…» Read Full Article

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Contracts: 10 Key Items Explained

Additional Insured: A person or organization not automatically included as an insured under a policy, and is added by endorsement to the policy at the request of the first named insured. The person or organization then becomes an insured for a specific project, product or premises. Primary and Non-contributory: Primary is a term used to…» Read Full Article


Hiring Subcontractors: Why Certificates are a Must

An uninsured subcontractor can increase your exposure to liability and workers compensation claims, affect your experience modification factor and increase your premium. If the subcontractor does not carry insurance, your policy could respond in the event of a claim. An uninsured subcontractor will be considered to be your employee.   The insurance company’s auditor will…» Read Full Article


Update on Workers Compensation: Labor and Management Proposals

The workers compensation act in Wisconsin changes every two years through an “advisory council” process. The Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council, made up of five management representatives and five labor representatives, is charged with exchanging proposals and negotiating an agreed bill that goes off to the legislature for consideration. Typically, this agreed bill makes it through…» Read Full Article

How Does My Experience MOD Compare With Other Community Action Agencies

Are you curious on how your experience modification factor (“ex-mod” as it is referred to in the industry) compares with other Community Action Agencies in Wisconsin? Before we get to that comparison, let’s take a step back to be sure we have a basic understanding of the experience modification factor.   Each year, about 3-4…» Read Full Article

Wisconsin Cyber Security Summit: Beware of FTC and More

The 2015 WI Cyber Security Summit will be held on October 28, 2015 at the Marquette University Alumni Memorial  Union, Monaghan Ballroom, 1442 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee. The conference begins at 7:30 am.  Registration will be available shortly at www.homelandsecurity.wi.gov.  The conference is hosted by the State of Wisconsin and will include Cyber disruption response strategies, addressing cyber threats, recruiting…» Read Full Article

Did Your Healthcare Broker Promise You a Somersault?

Let me start by asking, do you know how to do a somersault?   Without seeing if you raised your hand, I am willing to bet, you confirmed that you know how to do a somersault.   Now I’ll ask you – Do you really remember how to do a somersault?   Seems pretty simple…» Read Full Article

5 Tips for Your Next Home Improvement Project

With summer coming to an end and fall creeping in, most of us are planning to hunker in for the cold weather. For many, this becomes the perfect time to start a home renovation or home improvement project. According to Statistic Brain, in the next two years 26% of homeowners plan a bathroom renovation or…» Read Full Article