The Rise of Drones in the Commerical Marketplace

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January 7th, 2015

“With spending on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) projected to top $89 billion in the next ten years and an estimated 7,500 active drones to be in use for commercial purposes by 2018“, this technology will present significant economic growth opportunities along with many uncharted challenges. As corporations such as Amazon and Disney jockey for the use…» Read Full Article

6 Tips When Buying a Used Car

There comes a time when we all have to buy a used car, and it seems that every used car comes with baggage. That being said, you should always thoroughly inspect a used car that you intend to buy. There are 6 major aspects of a used car that are important to inspect, both inside…» Read Full Article

How Safe is Ridesharing? Liability Insurance for Rideshare Drivers

Transportation has changed quite a bit in the past decade, particularly in the taxi industry. With the rising prices of taxis and other public transportation, rideshare services like Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar have changed the transportation industry. Unfortunately, any changes in the transportation can also mean new dangers for passengers. Ridesharing is a convenient service…» Read Full Article

Car Seats: Tips everyone should know!

According to Forbes, every 34 seconds, a child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash and more than a third of children killed in crashes were not in car seats or wearing seat belts. Car seats, car restraints, and seat belts are required by law in the state of Wisconsin. What you…» Read Full Article

Is Smart Technology Putting You At Risk?

According to CNN, identity fraud hits a new victim every two seconds.   A new report from Javelin Strategy & Research has also found that the number of identity fraud victims jumped to 13.1 million in 2013, an increase of 500,000 from 2012.  There is no denying that Americans today are at an increasingly high…» Read Full Article

5 Tips for Cyber Hygiene | Cyber Awareness Month

The second annual State of Wisconsin Cyber Security Summit was held at Marquette University on October 8, 2014 (see photo on right).  The Summit brought together national and international cyber security experts to discuss how the threat of cyber attacks can be reduced.  According to Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, adjutant general of the Wisconsin National…» Read Full Article


5 Lessons Learned from the Home Depot Data Breach

Since 2005, there have been 4,404 data breaches publicly reported which encompasses 930,642,064 known records  (the scope of some breaches are unknown at this point), according to privacyrights.org a nonprofit clearing house. Included in this total are the 56 million records compromised over a 5 month period in the breach reported by Home Depot last…» Read Full Article

OSHA Reporting | New for 2015

What is currently required to be reported to OSHA? All work related fatalities Work-related hospitalizations of 3 or more employees Starting 1-1-2015, what will employees have to report to OSHA? All work-related fatalities (within 8 hours of finding out about them) All work-related inpatient hospitalizations of 1 or more employees All work-related amputations All work-related…» Read Full Article

Tips to Save Money and Stay Warm

With winter fast approaching, there are so many things to do to prepare for the holiday season. Many common preparations, if overlooked, can be dangerous for you and your home. If you are in denial that winter is coming, such as I am, here are some easy to remember tips that will ease you into…» Read Full Article

Will My Homeowner’s Policy Cover My Jewelry?

Most homeowners policies limit coverage for personal valuables, and you could fall far short of replacement value if your item is lost or stolen. In order to avoid a gap in coverage, you need to add a low-cost insurance rider to protect jewelry and other valuables. A Basic Homeowners Insurance policy generally covers your possessions…» Read Full Article